Amphetamine dream

There are those

Who don’t believe

Thinking can replace

Experience in life.

I, for one, am

One who disagrees,

Here, and now.

Though I wish

To look beyond

The marble mantle

(Past the filthy windowpane),

And deeply peer

The way of onwards


The voice of the hills;

Deep its thunder

Spills me thrills

From down

My naked spine.

I peak

(As children often do)

But this

From glass

My own.

The place

The earth spins

In some direction

Center-seeking constantly,

As the sum

Of the other planets


With their mightiest fellows


A machine

Of gymnastic treachery,


A benevolent sun.


Willow trees drooped


Than they did


Death came knocking

At my door —

The knocking came, the weather, poor,

Couldn’t keep him waiting more.



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